Monday, June 24, 2013

Let's hope it's not another 4 years!

Last week, we went on a much anticipated vacation to the beach. It was the first time we've all been somewhere as a family in 4 years. We definitely didn't plan on it being 4 years between vacations, but sometimes life and bills get in the way.

This year Chelsea was turning 21 and had initially asked for a party, but then decided she would rather have a vacation instead. We told her she could go anywhere she wanted to, and she chose "the beach!", so that is where we went!

(We also thought it was so awesome that Marty and I spent my 21st birthday in Florida just like Chelsea.)

We are so fortunate that the weather was fantastic...once we got there. I swear, the forecasted "scattered showers" followed us for the majority of the 260+ miles we drove! Once we got there however, the weather was perfect!

Now on to tons of pictures!

View from the 18th floor.

My precious Chelsea the morning of her birthday!


Giant Lite Brite at Wonderworks.

Jameson as an astronaut in Wonderworks
The last morning we were there, 5 stingrays were swimming near the shore!
LOVE this picture!
LOVE these two more than anything!

Love that smile!

I love this man!
My favorite picture from the whole trip! I love these people with all my heart!

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head home. We had a wonderful time full of family and fun! We've already started making plans for next year's vacation (hopefully).  But, as much as we loved the beach, we were SO glad to get back home!  We just hope it's not another 4 years before we get to do it all again!
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