Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We have another "baby" in the house!

Hey friends!  With all of the excitement (for us) of vacation, I forgot to share about our new "addition".

No, we didn't adopt a baby or another pet, but Chelsea did get something for her birthday that she's been wanting forever.


Prissy is a "reborn" doll that looks just like a real baby. Chelsea has hinted around that she really, really wanted one for a while now, so we finally managed to find a baby that would be a good fit for our family. We specifically asked for a baby that wouldn't cry at night and keep poor Mommy Chelsea awake all night. (if it were really that easy).

Baby Prissy was such a good girl on our trip and didn't wake us up once during the night!

While there, we went to the Carter's store and bought Prissy a whole new wardrobe! As expensive and cheaply made as most doll clothes are, it was a better investment to buy several preemie/newborn outfits that were on sale (40%-60% off!). 

So expect to see more pictures of our newest baby, Prissy!
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