Monday, October 4, 2010

Scrapbook Paper Pumpkins!

A couple of weeks ago, I came across these adorable scrapbook paper pumpkins on the blog "Everybody Loves Raymond...and Kat"  I thought they were so cute I just had to try them.  I had some leftover scrapbook paper sitting around from where I made my fall banner for my living room, so I just cut some strips and within a couple of minutes, I had the cutest little pumpkins ever!  PLUS, they matched my unusual banner! 

These are so cute, I thought I would show you how I made mine.  This post has TONS of pictures, so I hope you don't get too bored!

Supplies you will need:

Scrapbook paper.  Here I used one 12 x 12 sheet.  You can use standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, too.  

Cardstock or paper cut into tendrils, a stalk and leaves.  You can do any size, shape &/or color.

These little fasteners.  You will need two for each pumpkin.  You can use these fancy one's found in the scrapbook isle:

Or these plain brass fasteners from your office supply store.  These are much cheaper and work the same.

Once I pulled these fasteners out of the pack, I noticed the arms were way too long.  They should be short like the one on the left.  So for this project, I just decided to use the fancy scrapbook paper ones. 

A hole punch.  ANY standard hole punch will work.  I just happen to love this one because it can make small holes.

Some way to cut your paper into even strips.  You can also use scissors.

OK, now the instructions....

Put your scrapbook paper down to be cut.  The original instructions said to cut strips 1" thick.  After some trial and error, I liked cutting them around 3/4" thick.  BUT, there is no right or wrong way to do this, so do whatever you like best!  I also love that on the original instructions, she used a "wavy" blade to cut her paper.  SO much cuter!

Once you have all your strips cut, stack them up together, evenly.

Punch a hole through all the strips, near the end.

Insert your fastener through all your strips:

And then open your fastener so it will hold all the strips together.

Now here is where I do mine differently.  I make two pumpkins out of each set of 3/4 x 12 strips. So, I turn the other end, and punch a hole in that end:

And attach that end together, too.  Trust me, it works out great in the end!

Now, decide how small/large you want your pumpkins.  The smaller the pumpkin is, the thicker and fuller it will be.  The larger the pumpkin is, the more open it will be (unless you add more paper strips to make it fuller)

I did a 4 1/2" and a 7 1/2", approximately.  Since both ends are already attached, you don't have to worry about your strips falling apart once you cut them!

See, I told you I had a method to my madness!

Now, take one of your sets of strips, and punch a hole in the newly-cut end.

Gather your tendrils, leaves, and stem:

Punch holes in them, too.

Curl tendrils either by hand, or around something like a pencil.

Fold the hole-end of the stem to make it stand up once attached:

Bend the leaves a little to make them have more dimension:

Place the leaves on top of the stem, lining the holes up:

Now add the tendrils:

Attach with a fastener:

Then thread through the scrapbook paper strips.

Now, start separating the strips. It will immediately start to bend and curve!

Continue separating all the strips and eventually (about 5 seconds later) you will have your pumpkin!

Here are the two sizes from that one piece of scrapbook paper.

These are so simple, cheap and just adorable!

I hope you liked my instructions and will now go out and make your own!

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