Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I plan to do with my WINDFALL!!

Darcy, at Life with My 3 Boybarians, just did a post talking about what SHE is going to do with her HUGE WINDFALL that President Obama recently signed into law. Of the $789,000 Billion dollars, that's BILLION with a "B" folks, we each get a whole, whopping....wait for it.......wait for it.........

$13.00 A WEEK!!!!

WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! Well, since I am suddenly rich, I have started thinking about all the things I am going to buy or do with all this money.

Let me see,

-I could upgrade my carwash to "Super-Duper Clean"


-Buy my two kids a Mighty-Max Happy Meal at McDonald's.
(Hubby and I will just watch them eat)


-Pay for ONE of my children's lunch at school for a week (sorry, one of ya'll will have to be hungry)


-It will pay for me to drive half-way to work for one day (I guess I will walk the other 45 miles and then try to hitch a ride for the 90 mile journey home and then I have to figure out how to make the entire journey the next day)


-Buy a pack of panties at Wal-Mart (not fancy, sexy one's..... but granny panties)

If I save up my windfall for a month....that will give me a WHOPPING $52.00!!!

That, my dear friends, offers entire new possibilities. I can:

-Put one whole tank of gas in my SUV, which will get me to work for two days (as long as gas doesn't go up)


-Take my WHOLE family, my mom included, out to a nice meal at SUBWAY! (EVEN COOKIES!)


-Make the minimum payment on ONE of my multiple credit cards (one of the lower limit accounts)


-Get basic, no frills hair cuts for my two children and my husband. (I'll just have to learn to love my split ends and foot-long gray roots)


-Buy a couple of pairs of "Fancy" Panties at Lane Bryant (you know, because I'm a big gal)

Now, if I am really frugal and I'm able to save all of my weekly windfall, at the end of THIS year (Next year, we only get $8.00 per week), I will have a HUGE $624.00!!! Now with THAT much money, my friends, I can REALLY do some damage!!! I can:

-Make one car payment.


-Buy a basic, no-frills laptop. (so I can blog even more!!)


-Buy school supplies for my kids for one year.


-Pay one months health insurance premiums.


-Take my kids to the beach for a one night vacation, to a place we can drive to. (No souvenirs, though)


-Buy new underwear for EVERYONE in my family, including a couple of pairs of those sexy panties from Lane Bryant! (Hubba Hubba!)

OK, now what I CANNOT do with my windfall....

-I cannot afford to be a stay-at-home mama.

-I cannot make even a little dent in my mortgage. (either one of them)

-I cannot pay off my credit cards.

-I cannot buy new, much needed, tires for my SUV.

-I cannot afford the oral sugery that my daughter needs.

-I cannot afford to take my family to Rhode Island to see the new Polar Bear Exhibit.

-I cannot afford to buy sexy panties from Lane Bryant to wear every day. (sorry honey)

So, what are your big plans for your newly found money???

Thanks Darcy for such a great idea!!


  1. I am with you Robin, I am retired so I don't even get the $13. Now that's just a little disconserting, since I still am one of the millions that they took the money from. I'm just waiting to see how much they cut my social security. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh Marty, that is just awful! If I could just give all the retired people MY $13.00, I definitely would! That's just not fair at all!

  3. oh my god what a great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!$13.00 .
    Canada its not any better the taxes that we pay here ,well don't even get me started ....awesome post..silvia...

  4. Great post, and very funny. I haven't even begun to think of what I might get back from our new president---guess I just figured it wouldn't amount to hill of beans...but you have shown me the error of my thoughts. hehe. Now I must plan. hmmm

  5. wow.. will have to think about that. i'll post mine, as soon as i figure it out..LOL off topic, but hope the rain stops so we can get back to racing!!

  6. Wow, $13 at Trader Joe's will get me a gallon of milk, mixed greens, a cucumber, 4 apples, and grape tomatoes. Maybe we will all have to be vegetarians.

  7. You silly sounds like you have big plans!!! Or at least you've put a lot of thought and blog time into your promised treasure trove! ;)


  8. Well, let's see. With my $13 I will buy a 12 pack of Coke Zero and a Wal Mart rotisserie chicken, which I will s-t-r-e-t-c-h into several meals.


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