Friday, March 6, 2009

Do you need a GREAT GIFT for the Pet Lover in your life? **UPDATED**

**Discount Offer Below!**

Let me introduce you to my very talented friend, Cherie Vergos.

I "met" Cherie about 3 years ago on a Jeremy Mayfield fan board. It wasn't the best season for Jeremy, so all of us fans had a lot of time to "talk" about non-racing things. Soon, Cherie and I became great friends. Cherie is originally from New York, but is now living in the great state of Washington, compliments of the US Navy.

Cherie is an extremely talented artist who specializes in Animal Portraits.

Cherie's pet portraits have been featured in both 2008 AKC Family Dog and Gazette magazines, 2006 Kitsap Reporter newspaper, 2006 Dog's Life Magazine, Fall 2004 Spiegel Catalog, "Bird Talk" magazine, Parade Magazine, as well as her web site mentioned in the "MTV Cribs" book.


Do you have a dog or cat...or both? Cherie can draw them!

Do you have an exotic bird?

What about an iguana?

Horse? Pig? Tiger? SUGAR GLIDER????

If you have it, Cherie can draw it!

Cherie's Portraits are excellent gift ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or Anniversaries. They also make wonderful, thoughtful Memorial gifts for pets that have passed on.

Please stop by Cherie's website, Pet Portraits By Cherie Vergos, and have a look at all of her fantastic portraits!

Oh, and I'm going to put a little button right over there...


So you can visit her site anytime!

Oh, and since we both love you all so much, Cherie has graciously agreed to do something very special JUST FOR YOU! Just mention "Alabama Slacker Mama" (or Slacker woman, or Robin's blog, or that big ol' gals blog) when you make an order and Cherie will give you a discount on your portrait!

Ohhhh, just looking at all these animals almost makes me want to run out and get a pet.....ALMOST.


  1. Thanks for all your hard work posting my portraits on your blog, that's SO COOL!!! I'm honored that you devoted a post to me and my pet art! Thank you Robin!!! :D


  2. Cherie...You know I would do anything for you!!! It is my pleasure!!!


  3. Robin,
    We are having our ladies day tomorrow. Love to see you there if you can make it. Registration is at 8:30.


  4. Wow! Does she do chickens? lol


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