Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's graduation time of year...

And I am really having a rough time dealing with it.

No, it's not the normal "My baby can't be old enough"....."She's my baby"...."She just started kindergarten yesterday, didn't she?"... kind of thing.

To be honest, I am jealous.

I'm jealous because MY child should be up there graduating with all of these other kids today, too.

Actually, my CHILDREN....THREE of them....should be graduating high school today.

Courtney, Chelsea, and Bryant Hill should be walking across that football field at Munford High School, getting their diplomas tonight.

But, they are not.

And it is killing me.


I do want to say how proud I am of:

All the Munford High School graduates....

Of my friends, Jeff and Missy Skinner's daughter, Megan, who was in the NICU at the same time as my babies were.  Megan's dad, Jeff, has spent the last 19 months battling brain cancer (but is doing great now, PTL!), and she also unexpectedly lost her grandmother earlier in the school year....

And my beautiful niece, Shelby, who lost her dad way too soon, and then watched her mom battle breast cancer (she's doing great now, too!).  Shelby is such a special young lady and I pray she has nothing but success and happiness in the future!  

(And Shelby, I know you read here, so I just wanted to let you know that I love you!)

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