Monday, May 31, 2010


U.S. Soldier

Defending our country is what you do,
The sacrifices you make people don’t have a clue
Hard core training all day and all night,
You don’t mess with our country without a good fight
You go to war to fight for our freedom,
While your family sits at home hoping you beat em
You travel over seas to save our lives,
While missing your family, friends, children and wives
Trying to make a difference in the lives of everyone you know,
But in our hearts you will always be a true American Hero
We could not imagine in our worst nightmares all the things you see,
But for you this is on a daily basis a horrible reality
You give new meaning to the word brave,
It’s because of your selflessness we are not slaves
Fighting on their land to save destruction from ours,
We should feel so lucky we don’t live behind bars
Returning to us safely is a question not a fact,
We pray for your safe return and hope you make it back
We call you soldiers but you have to be angels for doing what you do,
It is the ultimate sacrifice for this will always be true
My brother is a United States soldier and words can not describe,
How happy, proud and honored I feel when he is by my side.
Thank you to all the men and women, who make this sacrifice,
So your children can live in peace and not have to pay the price. 

(I got this poem from my friend, Teri, who's brother is currently serving in Iraq) 

We just wanted to say a HUGE


To all the service men and women, past, present, and future, and their families for everything you sacrifice on a daily basis, so we may be free!

(Photos from Google Images)

And for photos that are so beautiful and touching, it will make you cry your eyes out....

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