Friday, June 11, 2010

Attention to all my creative friends out there

I need some help....

Some party decorating help!

Some super-sweet young lady may be having an EIGHTEENTH birthday party here in the next week.



NO WAY is my little girl 18 years old!

Nope, Notta, Ain't gonna happen....

My baby girl is NOT going to be an adult!

I refuse to let it happen!


I can't make it stop?

I can't make time stand still and keep her my little baby girl forever?
It's not fair!

**stomping my feet**

Oh well, since I can't stop the progression of time,

I guess I need to get this party on.

Here is where I need your help.

I have been pouring over blogs, websites, photos, 


Trying to come up with some cute and clever and CHEAP decorating ideas for Chelsea's party.

Here are her invitations that I just got in the mail yesterday...

 (Invitations purchased from

I was planning on making invitations myself 

(Because I have a passion for all things paper, if you didn't know)

But when I showed these to Chelsea, she REFUSED to look at any more.

She saw these and that's the exact one's she wanted.

So,  I ordered them for her....

Much to the dismay of our bank account!


Custom invitations don't come cheap, I tell ya!

Anyway, I think they turned out really cute, and in the long run, ordering them from someone else, probably saved me a ton of time, headache, and hassle.

And, to be honest, probably a lot of money

I also found these super-cute stickers that matched the colors.

I got them in small and large sizes.

I ended up putting some of the smaller one's on all the envelopes when I mailed the invitations, and I am planning on putting the larger one's on some of the decorations.

I want to make some of these tissue paper pom-poms to hang in various places...

(Photo from Google Images)

I plan on making a Happy Birthday banner similar to this to hang the dining room....

 (Photo from Kelly's Korner)

And I want to have a TON of balloons in pink and black outside on the front porch and just scattered around the house.

But that's the only ideas I have come up with.

Chelsea wants her decorations to match the invitations....

so HOT PINK, BLACK, and SILVER will be used.

I want to have some finger foods, but I would also like to have something more substantial to eat, because of the time of day.

My super-sweet friend, Teri, has volunteered to make tiny BBQ sandwiches and Baked beans, and of course, there will be CAKE!

But that's all the food ideas I have for now.

SO, my wonderfully talented and creative bloggie buddies, what are your suggestions for this Ultra-Special Eighteenth birthday party?

Oh, and if you can get here, you are ALL invited!

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