Tuesday, August 10, 2010

They survived their first day!

Chelsea was just giddy when she came in from school yesterday.  She is just crazy about everyone in her class...the students, the teachers, the support staff.  I'm telling ya, she's our little social butterfly!  She also got to eat her favorite foods in the world...lunch room Mexican food.  Yeah, that's healthy for her, right?

Jameson also had a fantastic day, thankfully!  He doesn't really remember what they did today as far as schoolwork goes (typical boy), but he does remember one of his classmates ended up having to go see the nurse during snack time.  Oh, I also found out that he gave his friend, Isaiah, his hot dog at lunch...but he said that was OK because Isaiah gave him his tater tots.  Great, my son's lunch ended up being a double serving of lunch room tater tots.

Since Jameson didn't necessarily have the best lunch, I made sure he made up for it when he got home....by giving him a nice, frozen Popsicle.  Homemade of course, using the finest Black Cherry Kool-Aid organic ingredients available.  Oh, and he may have had two of them.

(Yes, those are hangers on the floor....don't judge me)

And that may have been the reason for his insane amount of energy and general craziness all evening long.  He especially went nuts when the Teen Choice Awards came on television.  Should I be worried that he was more excited about them than Chelsea was?  Thankfully, he was cheering for iCarly, VicTORIous, Taylor Swift, Big Time Rush, the guys that were break dancing, oh, and Justin Beiber.  Chelsea was thrilled that she got to see "her man" Taylor Lautner win over and over again.  I was just happy he kept his shirt on!  Score one for Mama!

(All photos, except for mine, from Google Images)

I swear, there was one point tonight that I was sure Jameson had swiped a Red Bull or something.  How can a kid that little be so LOUD and move that much?  I am hoping the Popsicles wear off in a bit and he falls asleep soon, because even though THEY survived their first day....I'm not sure I will!
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