Monday, August 9, 2010

Who are these kids, and WHAT did you do with my babies?

Well, this is the day that I've been dreading for the past 2 1/2 kids started back to school.  Some parents count down the days until their little terrors go back to school, but not me.  I LOVE for my kids to be home with me!  Even when they are singing at the top of their lungs and getting on my last nerve, I want them with me.  If I felt confident enough to homeschool Jameson, I would....but with my ADD and Jameson's ADHD, I think that's just a recipe for disaster.  He does much better away from me, and with structured surroundings.  Chelsea would probably wither away and die if she couldn't have "social time" at school.  She's definitely our little social butterfly!

Chelsea informed us yesterday that she didn't want any of us to go in with her or drop by class today.  Not her Nana, not me, or her daddy.  She said "I am a grown up now, and I can do this by myself!"  True, she IS 18 y.o., but still, we never thought we would see the day that she would be SO independent. It is great that she is confident enough to be so "grown-up", but it's really hard to cut the cord.  These are the only pictures my mom was able to get of her, on her first day of Junior year:

Chelsea has to wear uniforms

'OK, you can GO now...."

"Seriously, you CAN GO NOW!"

Jameson went to sleep pretty quickly last night, and got up surprisingly well this morning.  He ate a good breakfast, and even got ready without anyone telling him to.  We were happy when Jameson told us that he thought he may need us to walk him to his classroom today.  At least ONE of our children still need us:

Oh yeah, SECOND grade, baby!

Look at his picture from last year taken in the exact same spot....

(He may have grown just a little bit, ya think?)

"Where the Wild Things Are", I think that's appropriate for his age group.  HaHa

Just one of the many fantastic interactive displays in the halls of the school:

About 2 seconds after the above picture was made, Jameson let us know that he was ready for us to leave.  Huh?  No hugs, crying, begging us to stay just a little bit longer?


I don't like this one little bit! 

And no first day of school would be complete without an accident at the most dangerous intersection in existence:

 (Fortunately, nobody was injured in the wreck)

 I can't wait until 3:00 to see how their first day back went!  I hope they missed us at least a little bit.

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