Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey! I actually have one of these!

Last week, Melissa from The Inspired Room decided to do a linky party featuring Gallery Walls.  Normally, I enjoy looking at everyone else's posts during most linky parties, but this time I thought to myself  "Hey! I actually sort-of have one of those!"  I'm glad that I'm getting to participate this time!

My gallery wall is in my Master Bedroom.  Other than our stacked-rock fireplace wall, this gallery wall was one of the longest-to-complete projects ever!  You can read all about the drama here.  Even though we put a TON of time and effort in completing this wall, it has turned out to be one one of my favorite things in this house!

We love the look so much, we don't even want to buy a headboard because we are scared it will interfere with the photos.

This isn't the only gallery wall we want.  Ever since we built this house, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what to put on the large-ish wall behind our tub in the master bathroom:

Yes, that's a television.  No, we didn't put a television in our bathroom to be "fancy".  Marty leaves the house very early in the mornings and he works outside, so it is very important for him to have access to the weather forecast.  It's also been great for letting Jameson watch movies while he "swims" in the tub....haha!  

Anyway, that television, as small as it is, poses a huge problem when it comes to decorating that space!  I didn't have a clue where to even start, so I went to my favorite source of inspiration....blogs!  It was on one of these searches that I found this photo:


I instantly fell in love with the look and just knew that's what I wanted to do!

I found a HUGE frame for a very inexpensive price at Garden Ridge, but unfortunately found out it was TOO huge, thanks to the television, once we got home with it.  So, on my next trip to Birmingham, I picked up the next smaller-sized frame.  It's a perfect fit, but for now, this is where it is....

Just propped up in the bottom of the tub until I can find all the other frames I want to go with it.

I do have one other little frame (seen propped up in the window) that I may use, but until I find what I'm looking for, I hope nobody needs to use the tub!


I hope you enjoyed my gallery wall and be sure to visit Melissa's linky party at the Inspired Room for tons of other gorgeous gallery walls!
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