Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Worst Birthday Ever!

Normally, we don't make a very big deal about each other's birthdays, but this year I wanted it to be a little special.  The plan was to combine his birthday celebration with a "Yayyy on your new job" celebration.  Well, we all know how that last part turned out.

Uh, yeah.

So after that happened, nobody was really in a celebrating mood.  To add insult to injury, I also ended up having a stomach virus for the majority of the week/weekend.  I thought it was just my nerves, but as I found out today, it was definitely a bug.

You know how I found out?  Guess what I gave Marty for his birthday?  YUP, a stomach virus.  And let me just say, when your workplace bathroom is a Port-a-potty (if you are lucky), things can go horribly wrong very fast.  Marty decided to just come home before anything bad happened.

Then, once he was home, he opened an upper cabinet to get out a bowl, and the entire stack of bowls flew out of the cabinet and landed on his face....busting both lips and smashing a tooth (and smashing one of my bowls, too).

I had an extremely insane day at work, so I definitely did not feel like cooking when I got home....plus, Marty really didn't want to eat much of anything.  So, we ended our evening with some fabulous takeout:

Oatmeal from McDonald's.

Sign me up for the Wife of the Year award, y'all!

Maybe next year will be better, because I'm not sure it could get much worse!

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