Friday, October 5, 2012

I said I wasn't going to be creative.

After the crazy, busy rush of "the business" over the past couple of months, I decided to take a couple of days off for a mental break.  Also, I've been having some issues with my hand/wrist and I thought resting would help.

Well, that lasted all of about 3 hours and I just couldn't resist the creative urge.  I just had to make something.  So, with the Southern Bloggers Conference coming up next weekend (still tickets available!), I thought I would make something to enter in the Home Decor contest.  There will be many uber-creative women women there who can cook, decorate, tablescape, and paint with the best of them and I just know I can't compete with any of their talents.  But, I know vinyl and I thought that I would try my hand at creating a little something using that.  
After working on the trace for a while, I finally bit the bullet and started cutting.  My first attempt was a disaster!  I WISH I had taken a photo of the HUGE mess I made.  I ended up messing up my blade, my mat, and my vinyl.  I am lucky that I didn't screw up my machine!  I guess that will teach me to step away from the machine while it is still cutting.  I still have a tiny piece of vinyl stuck to my machine and have no way to get it out.  Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be messing with anything important.  

After changing my settings around, I took a deep breath and started cutting again.


I spent yesterday looking for frames, but ended up just using what I already had at home.  (you know, from my frame hoard).  I thought it would be difficult getting the vinyl to transfer, but it went on like a dream!  And here are the finished products:

This background is burlap.  I think it looks much better in person, however I am thinking about changing the background to something darker.

This background is black embossed cardstock.  I think it helps the vinyl "POP".

Close-up of the detail.

I am really pleased how well these turned out!  So much for not being creative, huh?
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