Monday, July 15, 2013

It always happens...

After Church yesterday morning, I got into a creative groove and managed to complete/partially complete several vinyl orders.  I love it when I manage to get a ton of things completed, but something always happens to put a screeching halt to my progress.  Yesterday was no different.

Cowboy Cross

Chevron Lion (our local school's mascot is the lions)

I stopped what I was doing to help Marty make some things for supper. While I was cooking, I heard the familiar "ding" of a text message come through.  I ignored it until I could finish supper, but within a couple of minutes, a second "ding" comes through.  I put the food in the oven and walked over to the phone to see what was going on.  

Well, not one, but two different people were texting about wanting to order something.  As I am talking to both of them back-and-forth, I decide to pull up Facebook. When that came up, I see that two other people had sent me messages, so I decide to answer them, too.  So now I am texting with two people, and Facebook messaging two other people.  THEN, a third person starts to Facebook message me.  At this point, I am getting seriously confused and stressed.  HAHA  I make a comment on Twitter about my predicament, where my buddy Dennis decides to "help" me by sending me a text message.  So the count now is texting - 3, Facebook messaging - 3.  I am attempting to effectively communicate with SIX different people at the same time.

Then to add even more to the juggling act, my boss picks this exact time to call me on my home telephone!  I mean REALLY?  I decided to ignore her call (for the moment) and try to wrap up as many other conversations as possible.  

After about 30 minutes of constant back-and-forth texting/Facebook communication, I finally talk to my boss on the phone for at least another 45 minutes.

Needless to say, by the time I hung up the phone, my creative mojo was long gone.


I hope it decides to come back again soon!

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