Monday, August 30, 2010

I should have never walked into the Dollar Tree...

I walked into the Dollar Tree with simple intentions.  I was just going to buy a wreath form and a book to try to make a "book page wreath" that seems to be all the rage in blog-land these days.  I blame Kim Wheeler for making her wreath look so good that I just have to try it.

(I swiped this photo from Kim's Facebook page.  Maybe she won't kill me.)

I mean, just look at that wreath!  Isn't it gorgeous?  And look at that's the exact same frame that I put around my canvas (that is unfortunately still broken from that stupid Command Hook incident). 

Anyway, I thought "I'll be in-and-out in a few minutes....$2.00....$3.00 tops...and I'll be on my way back home."  Well, my first mistake was bringing a certain 7 y.o. into the store with me.  You know he had to find a thing or two that he just couldn't live without.  And then my second mistake was forgetting that it's the time of year that all the Fall/Halloween stuff is out for display.  Anyone who's read here for any length of time knows that I am OBSESSED with Halloween and Fall.  It is easily my favorite time of year. 

After spending about 45 minutes in the store, and spending $30-something dollars, I came out with all this:

I am loving my little black birds. I saw some similar to these last year for about $6.00 each.

I plan on spray painting the twine balls.  I got the gold Christmas balls on clearance for $0.50!

And, I did manage to get the wreath and book that I initially went in to buy.  More than one wreath form could have made it into my buggy.

So, if you get the urge to buy some craft supplies at the Dollar Tree.....make sure you have plenty of time, and plenty of money!

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