Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mama's Mumblings

Some (most) days, I have a hard time coming up with material for my blog.  I want to talk about this-and-that, but none of it is really enough to make up an entire post. I also have a really, really bad case of ADD.  It's nothing for me to be talking about Politics one second and chocolate cake 10 seconds later. (It drives my husband NUTS!)   So, I thought I would make a post about anything and everything that is running around in my mind this morning.  I've seen other bloggers do "Stream of Consciousness" posts, but let's face it...."Stream of Consciousness" is not something I would say in my daily life.  

Heck, it took me 15 minutes just to figure out how to spell "consciousness", so that is definitely not a word I will be trying to type on a regular basis!  HaHa!

I started throwing around some possible titles, like "Bama Bunglings", but didn't want to offend any of my Auburn friends...haha. "Mama's Muses", again "muse" isn't a word I would frequently use, but I can at least spell it.  I wanted to use "Robin's Ramblings", but some other blogger has that name. "Slacker Sentences", ahhhh, no.  Then I thought "Mama's Mumblings".  These are two words that I do say, and I for sure mumble to myself throughout the day.

You know it's bad when your child walks by and asks you "Mama, WHO are you talking to?"  My father-in-law used to say "It's OK to talk to yourself.  It's even OK to answer yourself.  But if you start asking yourself  "HUH?", then you've got problems."  So, using his logic, I'm not quite ready for the funny farm....YET!


ANYWAY, here is what is going on in my crazy mind today:

I just love my new washing machine and dryer! 

Conversation between myself and hubby:
Me: I LOVE my new washing machine and dryer!
Hubby: Why don't you marry it then?
Me: Well, if it were legal in this state, I just might!

Hubby surprised me this June with a new front-loading washer/dryer set.

Excited about washing clothes?  YES!  We lived with a set that just wasn't doing the job, at all!  It would literally take me to wash the bed clothes for ONE bed.  The washer's spin cycle would only work occasionally, so you never knew if your clothes would be partially dry or still soaking wet at the end of each wash cycle.  The final straw came when the dryer started cutting off in the middle (or even the beginning) of the cycle.  Nothing like going to empty your dryer at the end of a long day, finding the clothes are still soaking wet!  Laundry was so frustrating for me, I literally dreaded doing it!

The best thing about the new pair we have is the dryer only takes about 30 minutes, and the average wash load takes about an hour.  That gives me 30 minutes to sort/fold/hang-up/put away those clothes, before the next load is ready to go into the dryer!  So far, the days of huge piles of clean laundry in the bedroom floor is long gone!  I hope this efficiency lasts!


I have been in a crafting frenzy over the past couple of weeks!  I literally have several projects partially finished right now.  My dining room looks like a scrapbook factory exploded in it, as does the rest of the house!  I hate being interrupted by dumb housework when I have so many projects I want to do!  I definitely need a craft room I can spread out in and then close the door on the mess when chores (and unexpected visitors)  interrupt!


I've been super-bummed that I haven't been able to decorate my front porch for Halloween/Fall this year!

 (Our front porch last year)

Our puppy, Starr, is just relentless when it comes to destroying everything she can get her mouth on!  Our poor mums have been drug across our front yard more times I can count!

Please tell me she will get better as she gets older!


I am loving getting to know all my new blogging friends I met last Friday at the Alabama Bloggers/Lisa Leonard get together!  I can't wait to see everyone again!  This Friday, Alabama Bloggers are having their monthly lunch get-together at 11:30 at iCantina on 280/119.  I really hope I can go and I hope if you are nearby, you come too!


This weekend at Susan and Baby Reese's baby shower, I had a couple people come up to me and ask me when I was going to teach a class on making things out of scrapbook paper.  I even had one person ask me to make banners for her girl's bedroom.  Would any of you go to a class where people would teach you do something like that?  I love to teach so that would be something I would love to do, but I just can't imagine anyone liking my stuff enough to want to see how I make it!  HaHa!


My work schedule recently changed.  At first I thought I would HATE it (it is a lot more stressful), but it's actually working out really well!  It is giving me a lot more time to get things done around here.  I hope this feeling lasts!


This past Sunday at Church, the lesson I taught my 3rd and 4th graders had to do with following instructions.  The main exercise included a list of 10 directions asking the children to do all sorts of silly and difficult things (like balancing a pen on their nose, writing their name so small nobody could read it, etc...).  The instructions were read to them multiple times, with the focus being on to make sure they read ALL of the instructions before they started their project.  Direction # 8 said to skip to direction #10. Direction #10 said they only had to do #'s 1, 8, and 10.  Making their assignment extremely quick and easy for them.

However, not one of the children followed the instructions.  Every single one of them struggled through all 9 directions until they finally read #10.  They were all like "WHAT?  We didn't have to do all of those other things?"  I told them that's why it is so important to follow instructions....because it might make things a little easier!

So this lesson leads me to this....A couple of weeks ago, I announced, at the very bottom of a post,  that the first person to send me a screenshot of my counter when it hit 100,000 page views would win a very special gift from me.  I hoped I would get a good response, but 100,000 page views came and went without one single comment or e-mail. 

I admit it, I was bummed.

But this morning, Tara Fox, sent me this e-mail:
"Lol, I'm sure I'm really late on this but I completely forgot about until I saw your counter today. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that even though I haven't commented on your blog, I love it and read it everyday."

Better late than never and because Tara decided to go ahead and send her screen shot to me, she is the winner of my special gifts!  Tara is getting a $25.00 gift certificate to the store/restaurant of her choice and the product of her choosing of any of the things I've made on my blog!  Tara chose Christmas ornaments for her girls!  I am tickled to death to make something for them!

Thanks Tara for reading me and for following instructions!  HaHa!

I hope to be able to do more giveaways in the coming months!


Well, that's it for my first ever "Mama's Mumblings".  I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

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