Friday, June 29, 2012

Ceiling Medallion Monogram

Hey friends!  I hope you are all staying COOL in this ridiculous heat wave a lot of us are having!  At 5:00, it was still 101 here.  I know some of you are even hotter than that!  CRAZY weather, that's for sure!

Since it's been so hot today, I've spent a lot of time online, and on Pinterest, of course.  I saw this monogram made from a ceiling medallion and I just knew I had to try it!

From Here. It looks like it originally came from

I knew we had a ceiling medallion that was originally supposed to go in Chelsea's room, but the electrician installed the light before it got installed.  So, it's spent the past 4 years living under Chelsea's bed.  HAHA!  Jameson dug it out for me and I cleaned it off a bit. (What?  It's been under the bed for 4 years). 


I cut a cardboard template for the inner circle and then found some great material that I thought would work, and started covering.

I ironed the fabric before attaching it.  

I cut small slits all the way around to make a nice, smooth fold.  I was being lazy and used regular tape to hold the fabric in place. You could glue, hot glue, double-stick tape, Modge Podge...anything to attach the fabric.

Next, I went on the hunt for a large black "H" that I purchased a while back.  I looked everywhere and never did find it, so I decided to make my own.

I dug through my scrapbook paper and just couldn't find anything I loved, so I used my Silhouette software and printed a pattern I liked onto a piece of cardstock and then cut out an "H".

After I cut out the "H", I decided the ceiling medallion needed a little distressing, so I watered down some brown and gold paint and painted it a bit.

It's OK that the center is sloppy because it's going to be covered.

I attached my "H" to the fabric circle and then hot glued it to the ceiling medallion.  Here it is:

I am SO excited on how well it turned out!  And other than having difficulty deciding on the "H", it only took about 45 minutes to complete!

I decided to hang it over out "new" desk we got from my friend Tracie a few weeks ago.

This is definitely a Pinterest WIN!

I hope you all have a wonderful and fantastic weekend!  Try to stay COOL!!
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