Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is shaping up to be a GREAT week!

Sorry for the sporadic nature of my posts lately (well, let's face it, I'm always pretty random with my posts).  Between my new work schedule (that is kicking my bootie), a birthday party for a special little man, and a baby shower for two of my favorite people....blogging, as well as the rest of my life, has taken a back seat.  Today has been my first "FREE" day in several weeks and I am LOVING IT!

Well, I don't guess it's totally free....I've got TONS of laundry and cleaning to catch up on.  That in itself is going to take me forever to get done.  How do 3 people make such a big mess?

ANYHOW, I am hoping this week ends up as well as I hope it is!

First, when I finally made it home from work last night...20 minutes later than I was aiming for... hubby actually had dinner ready and my favorite television show paused and waiting for me! (Thank you DVR!)


I've been counting the days until the new season of Glee started!  I am a TOTAL GLEEK!

There were a few new characters last night.  One of which kinda stunned me as I watched:

This is Coach Beiste (pronounced "beast").  When I first saw her, I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing.  Was this Coach Tenaka dressed up like a woman?  A new transvestite-turned-football-coach?  Just a really unusual-looking woman?  It took the entire show, but I finally realized Coach Beiste was in fact, a woman.  A real woman.  I googled her and found out that she is really pretty attractive female named Dot Jones:

Isn't it amazing what a bad hairdo, wardrobe, and make-up can do?

The new, earlier time kind-of threw me for a loop, but thankfully we have DVR and I was able to watch it from the beginning!  The new season started with a bang, and just got better every second!  Next week's show features the music of Britney Spears.  I've even heard that Glee was going to feature The Rocky Horror Picture Show this season, too!   Can it get any better?


For the next couple of days, I hope to be able to finish some small projects around here.  Normally, I would be chomping at the bit to decorate my front porch for Halloween, however, a certain spastic puppy has decided to chew on and/or eat every single thing outside that isn't cemented down.  I fear for my foam pumpkin's lives!

(This is what happened a week-or-so after decorating last year thanks to a neighborhood dog)

This year we may end up with only a wreath on the door and a few mums in my pots.  Bummer.....I really love decorating for Halloween!


Then, Saturday we are planning to do something that I NEVER thought I would get to do.  Back during the summer of 2008, an obscure little reality show on MTV caught my attention one night.  One episode and I was HOOKED!

Since that show, one thing that's been on my "bucket list", is to see this way or another!

That's all I'm going to say about that for right now, but as the week progresses and the plans become more solid, I will write more!

I hope you all are having a most fantastic and wonderful week!

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