Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nothing like a little {decorating} disappointment!

Last week (or was it two weeks ago?), I did a post about wanting to change around my Master Bedroom for the warmer months.  I found this comforter set at TJ Maxx that was a beautiful shade of sky blue:

They only had a queen size and I needed a king, so I started looking for it online.  After a few weeks of searching, I found the exact set, except a king, on Ebay.  It cost a little more than the one at TJ Maxx, but it was a larger size.  I ordered it and couldn't wait for it to come in!

Well, it came the Friday of my Scott Antique Market weekend, so I really didn't have a chance to do anything but open it up and grab a pillow sham to take with me for matching purposes.  I have been super-busy this week, so I wasn't able to get everything out until yesterday.

When I pulled the comforter out of the bag, I immediately noticed something was wrong...

It had already been washed!

There were wrinkles ALL OVER IT, and lumps where the inside stuffing had been moved around.  I also realized the quality wasn't what I expected.  Instead of a "designer comforter", it looked more like an inexpensive duvet cover.  Of course, the Ebay listing has the dreaded "All Sales Final" on it, and it would cost about half-as-much as it cost to send it back.

So, I decided to go ahead and wash it again (who knows what kind of cooties were on that thing) and make up the bed with it, just to see how it would look.
You should have seen me and Jameson trying to move that king-sized mattress by gold, I'm telling ya!

After messing with everything all day long, here is what I ended up with...


You see ALL those wrinkles?

And, if the comforter situation wasn't bad enough, the curtains that I found that I was so SO excited about....

 Are WAAAAAY too short!  Not only are they short, they are thin and translucent....blocking ZERO sunlight coming through the door.

However, there is ONE good thing about the comforter,

It is soft...really, really soft.  So soft, as a matter of fact, it reminds me of my old, faithful comforter that has been confined inside a duvet cover to keep it from falling apart.

So, last night, hubby and I decided to try it out....

We both slept like babies.



Tomorrow is {un}officially National Take A Risk Day over at the Nesting Place and I thought I would share this unsuccessful risk I decided to take!  A lot of the time, risks work out, but unfortunately, it didn't for us this time.  But it doesn't deter me from trying again!
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